I love this software

I just wanted to post a huge “thank you” to the Scrivener team. I installed the iOS and Mac versions last week. In the past few days, I’ve written more than I have in months. It’s like my writing brain has been converted into software, organizing and viewing everything exactly as I imagine in my head.

I used to daydream during my morning walks, then jot down notes in TextEdit, then try to remember where they should go, then realize I didn’t have a chapter for that yet, so I’d forget about it.

You solved all of the structural obstacles and made writing fun for me again. I literally bought an iPad just so I could use the Scrivener app. The YouTube tutorials are super helpful too. It’s so clear this was developed by a writer. Amazing product!

I did the same thing! :smiley:

Thanks so much for the kind words! Happy to hear we’ve had a small part in reigniting the fun in writing.