I’m thinking of deleting and reinstalling Scrivener on my Iphone to fix my sync problem

To solve the syncing problems I’m having between my Ipad and Iphone (I’m only working in IOS) I am thinking of deleting Scrivener from my Iphone and reinstalling it. My Ipad is syncing with Dropbox fine but the files I add or edit do not sync to the Iphone. That may also be true the other way around, but since I know that the Ipad is syncing fine, that is where I’ve put all of my recent work. All my old work seems to be untouched. I imagine I won’t lose much of anything by deleting Scrivener from the Iphone, Is this a good solution? I did delete and reinstall Dropbox but the problem persisted.

i think I probably sunk my own syncing boat with forgetting to close up projects before syncing (after years of remembering, lol). I’ve been trying Ulysses, and I don’t think I can or want to try to get used to it.

Is deleting and then reinstalling Scrivener on my “dead in the water” Iphone/Scrivener a good idea?