I made a tool to apply Word Styles to Scrivener Output

Disclaimer: I did this in an afternoon. It’s not very complete, but it might save some people some time.

I present
A bookmarklet tool that helps you apply Word styles to scrivener output.

Basic Workflow:
[]Compile Scrivener to HTML
]Open HTML and use Scrindesign Bookmarklet
[]save resulting page as new HTML
]Open New HTML in word
[*]Save New HTML as .DOCX

Profit from styles applied to headings and a workable table of contents.

Thanks very much for posting this utility! I’ve moved your post over to the “Usage Scenarios” section of the forum, so that more people can find it (most other users do not browse the technical support section).

I’ve scrapped this version of the utility in favor of something infinitely better: