I managed to delete something in the tutorial?

I was trying to use the quick tutorial and thought that the minus button to the right of ‘Quick Start’ might collapse the section. It made things disappear, and as I was on the very first page of the tutorial… Well, I have no idea how to get them back. I’ve also discovered that the program saves as you go, so closing it and opening it back up again didn’t help.


So 1. what is that and 2. how do I get the list of… pages(?) back so I can complete the tutorial? (Also please don’t suggest watching the videos or anything like that, I have APD and other learning disabilities and work best in this kind of situation with very clear written/photographic instructions)

A couple of things could have happened: you may have deleted the actual documents, or you may have simply have removed the documents from the ‘Collection’ (which is what Quick Start is…), so the underlying documents are still there. I think you’ve probably done the latter, but there are ways of recovering from both these problems.

But if you’ve only just started the Tutorial then the simplest thing is simply to start again by creating a new tutorial.

EDIT: (see comments below…)
Close the tutorial and delete it in Explorer, start a new project and just Interactive Tutorial or click on the Help Menu and choose the Interactive Tutorial option.

You can trash anything you like in a Tutorial project and you can always get a fresh copy this way.


Thank you!

Selecting a tutorial from the help menu didn’t work - it just opened the same thing with the pieces missing, but closing the program, deleting the tutorial file and then starting again helped.

Much appreciated!

Actually, you have to delete the old Tutorial first, then create the new one.


Thanks – amended the original to avoid confusion…