I may as well join the crowd

My first mystery novel, Door to Door, is now up on Amazon.


Central character: a guy who’s not quite an amateur detective, more of an accidental and reluctant detective. It’s set in the early Eighties in Northeastern US. Features a sexy boss, an ominous bell tower, the requisite shady businessman, and an elusive priest (no children involved).

Phil Sheehan

Congratulations, Phil!

Good lord! Saints preserve us all! A veritable cornucopia of unmitigated gratuitous violence and gymnasticated fornication. :open_mouth:
Fanny Hill…meets…The Copulation Express…meets…The Kama Sutra. Where will it all end.
Vic-k, now owns two copies. A hostage to his baser appetites. :blush: :cry:

Don’t know why he can’t buy a good, 'Fishy-in-the-Dishy, cookbook, insted of this trashy stuff.

Nice one Pilgrim!
Hearty Congrats!
Keep 'em comming. :wink:

‘Squirrels and Cheerios’ :laughing: I’d bite my friggin tongue too!!
P.S. Ignore the mousehound! Talking through her arse as usual.