I mean, I *write*...

Hi, everyone! I’m Felicity, I’m from Virginia, USA, and while I write, I hesitate to call myself a writer. I need to get into a better habit before I can do that (which is part of why I’m here!). :slight_smile:

I mostly write memoir and other nonfiction. My current projects include a memoir on my spiritual journey and a book series for children/young adults and their families to celebrate different festivals throughout the year. I just got Scrivener and look forward to transferring what I’ve done in Evernote to something that will hopefully organize me and my work better!

Anyway, pleasure meeting y’all! I look forward to learning about all of you!

Welcome. You will find here a very friendly and supportive community for those of us who like to scribble our dreams.

(it totally counts as “scribbling” if you’re doing it on a keyboard, methinks)