I messed up: .scriv projects scattered in Dropbox and iCloud

I discovered that old projects were hidden in my iCloud folders … while I’m using Dropbox for the newer ones.

I dragged the projects from iCloud into the proper Dropbox Scrivener projects folder but keep getting a warning message. Don’t understand how to relocate a project from iCloud into Dropbox correctly so warning messages don’t pop up every time I try to open the project.

Thanks for your help.

It would help to know what the error message is. :smiley:

Otherwise though: general rule of thumb, this stuff takes time. Depending on the size of your project(s) it can take as long as several minutes for everything to fully download and upload between services. You definitely do not want to be opening and closing projects while copying/moving them. Always monitor the status icons for these services, and wait until they are completely done uploading/downloading.

With some, like iCloud with its default settings, you may not even have the entire project, which means that to move it to Dropbox it has to go and download the thing from Apple (across whatever ocean & continent that may be from where you are), then upload to Dropbox, wherever that is.

That all said, I don’t really think you’ve “messed up”. If you want to have some projects over here in iCloud Drive, and others over here in Dropbox, and some more in a safe “offline” area, and others are a removable external drive… do it. Or not, it’s up to you.