I messed up scrivener installation. Please help

Hi. I’m a windows user.
I just installed the new beta (13).
But I forgot to uninstall the previous beta first and now I can’t use scrivener…
It seems I have 2 (most likely related) issues:

1- I can open my projects, but I can’t save, take snapshots, nor backup the projects.
Reading on the forum, I tried tweaking the read only of my files and whatnot, to no avail.
I keep getting the “…can’t open RTF…” message.
Backup systematically stops at 49%, no backup file created

2- (And I believe this is my root issue:) The previous beta, although “not” on my computer anymore (overwritten by the new install I presume), is still showing in my app list in window’s settings/app.
Trying to uninstall it simply uninstalls the NEW beta.
Trying to uninstall it with the new beta(13) already uninstalled still doesn’t work, obviously since it’s own uninstall.exe was overwritten when I installed the new beta.

I believe that if I was to re-install the older beta then uninstall it, it would/might at least fix my second issue, if not both.
I would install the old beta(11)(beta 13 being already NOT on my computer), then uninstall it right away(beta 11), then do a fresh install of the beta 13… (Fingers crossed)

But the thing is: I don’t have the installer for beta anymore :cry:
Is there anywhere I can get it ? Or would someone be nice enough to share me the installation file for that specific beta ( Windows)


I completely missed that “uninstall previous beta” bit in the guidelines, back when. This led to a state where there were about 15 different copies of the beta listed in my “apps” page. No discernible effect to be seen with the running copy, BTW.

The vast majority of those copies had to be “force deleted” from the app page. Again, this led to no discernible effect.

I think you may have other issues sourced from other locations than this.

Thanks for your reply.

First, how do I “force delete” an installation?

And why would I suddenly have permission issues? All other betas worked fine right out of the box.

There was a dialog that came up when I uninstalled most of those iterations of the program under “Apps”, one that said something to the effect of “Program no longer present; delete entry?”, and I clicked “Yes” on that. Some of them had to be done twice, by right clicking and deleting once the uninstaller had done its thing.

As to the other issue, Windows update changed a bunch of things with regards to how it handled things not that long ago; I started having issues with installing programs even from Admin. That may be why you’re suddenly seeing changes to how that all works…

I am not getting that at all… All it says is “windows cannot find c:/…/…/uninstall.exe. Make sure you typed the name correctly and try again.”

Found a fix?

Here is what I get from scrivener:

I’ve got nothing…

Microsoft strikes again, in that there are apparently widely different user experiences under Windows 10. I’m running OS build 19041.685, Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.5510 .

Investigating :

My issue is definitely AVG (Absolutely nothing to do, in the end, with my initial question)
I managed to fix it, was able to save and take snapshots, now trying to make the fix permanent.

Here’s the pig:

Don’t ask me why, but it works now.

My bad, trying to repeat the experiment, I realized I also did this:

The mysteries of Windows. I will say it’s pretty hard to break it so hard it can’t be fixed (if you accidentally install one over the other, just delete the directory and re-install from scratch). Just remember – uninstall all existing versions before installing a new version, unless there’s a specific reason to keep the old version (for example, keeping 1.9 around to more easily migrate existing projects to 3).