I must ask

I did a search, but I could not find a answer on it. Will Scrivener ever touch windows platform?

Afraid not - at least, there are no current plans. Scrivener is built using Objective-C and Cocoa, which are native to OS X, so there is no way of porting it across to Windows without a lot of work and re-coding, and I am just one person. If I ever come across a writer/coder with a similar philosophy to myself who wants to code a Windows version, maybe, but that is a big “maybe”.
Thanks for your interest, though. All the best,

Deep down inside, something in me just died. The sad thing is… I am actually contemplating buying a mac now. Just have not found a PC program that offers all that your does. Thanks for the quick reply though!

Just one day I might take you up on that!
But at the moment I’d rather spend my spare time writing than doing more coding (I do enough Windows coding at work each day).


You might want to try Liquid Story Binder XE

I’ve been using it for a few months now, and it is a very nice program. The interface is a little dated and quirky (and so is the website!), but the functionality is a work of genius. But I warn you, I found the learning curve extremely steep compared to Scrivener.

Alternatively, you could actually just buy a Mac and run Windows on it for the other stuff that you need …

It is surely the highest of compliments: being moved to buy a Mac so as to be able to run Scrivener! (Not to mention the idea that the very lack of Scrivener could be the death knell of someone’s attachment to PCs.)

That’s what happened with me. Persuaded by the performance of an iMac in an Apple shop I’ve visited in my despair over Microsofts VISTA, I read a description of Scrivener the other day in a magazine - that was the famous last drop! I went out, bought an iMac and downloaded Scrivener…

Yessir, it’s worth it! 8)

This might be a dumb question, but does the OS-X work on pcs? I plan on buying a laptop soon, and I know little next to nothing about anything mac related. Thats why I ask.

Unfortunately, no.

Mac OSX will run on Apple computers only.

But Windows will now run on Apples.

Unless you are an exceptionally determined geek, it does not. However, if you buy a Mac laptop to sate your thirst for Scrivener you can also run XP or Vista on the laptop in addition to OS X by using the free BootCamp or the $80? Parallels. [Extensive technical descriptions and hemming-hawing omitted.]


… and possibly illegal under Apple’s EULA

sigh Where is a good place to buy a Mac anyways?

I’ve seen that sigh before. It generally precedes an unexpected gasp of delight, en route to blissful Mac enlightenment. :slight_smile:

A good place to buy a Mac is the Apple web site. :slight_smile:


If you have an Apple Store near you, then nip along, ask one of the many teenagers infesting the store to go home and check her Facebook account there, and then have a play for a good half hour.

I will be very surprised if you don’t leave the store with one under your arm (an Apple Mac, not a teenager).

Yes, I recommend the Apple Store route, especially if you do not know anyone with a Mac that you can bug with questions. Spend some time, ask questions, the staff is usually friendly. If you have been with Windows for years, there a lot of little things that are different, and some big things. So it helps to have somebody explain a few of those.

My father bought an iMac, and returned it within the 14 day period because it was too different from Windows… but then he changed his mind and bought a laptop a month later. So that initial week can be a bit frustrating, but once you get past that—it’s a pretty smooth transition. These days, you couldn’t tear that MacBook Pro from him.

But otherwise, it really doesn’t matter too much who you buy from. Because of the way pricing works, it’ll be the same price wherever you go. Some places will offer little incentives on the side. Free RAM, free Nanos, stuff like that.

And it might seem expensive, but I recommend all laptop and new users of any kind get AppleCare. Three years of free tech support and under-warranty repairs.

If you want to save some money, you can purchase refurbished apple products (w/ full warranty, etc.) online - by going to the apple store’s homepage (at least for Canada and US), scrolling down to the bottom right, and clicking on “Special Deals”.

I’ve purchased iBooks and iPods this way, with no trouble to date.

Price - if you do decide to buy a Mac just to use Scrivener, please do e-mail me - I’ll give you a nice discount. :slight_smile:

You are a good man Keith. Thank you. :smiley:

After much debate, I have decided… to buy a Mac. God help me lol! Right now I am figuring out if I want a macbook or a macbook pro. Also thinking I might wait for the new OS-X since its suppose to be out in the next month or two. I hope the transition will go over well. Oh, and I will be sure to post when I get my Mac.

May I make a suggestion here?

Get the Mac now with the current OS, and wait until Apple works out all the kinks before installing the new one.