I must ask

Only problem with that is buying 10.5 will cost another $129 US. If you get it with 10.5 preinstalled, the updates and bug fixes are free.

While you will never regret getting either a MacBook, or a MacBook Pro, I’d have to vote for the Pro. (I’m typing this on an almost three year old PowerBook G4 that has been the best computer I’ve ever owned.

In addtion to getting the MacBook of your choice, make sure you get AppleCare. Even if you never ever use it it’s worth every penny of peace-of-mind.

[I will be very surprised if you don’t leave the store with one under your arm (an Apple Mac, not a teenager). [/quote]

on the other hand…

Or under the other arm… :smiley:

I’m a big pusher of the MacBook. I spent hours fiddling with the MacBook and the MacBook Pro and at the end of the day, for my usage needs I absolutely could not justify the price of the Pro, however I have no idea what your usage needs are. I also have come to love the size of my itty bitty MacBook. But I always liked the 12" powerbooks, I like tiny, but still usable computers more than I can describe.

However, all things said and done, if you’ve made your decision and you’re sure, if you don’t have an Apple store near you, CompUSA is pretty worthy as stores go. They don’t always have all the models in stock, but they’re pretty savvy and helpful, at least the one nearest me is.

There is a huge thread on the pros and cons of the Pro vs regular MacBook. I’m a fan of MacBook for writing. It is a powerful machine that even in its base configuration will do well. I picked up the recent 1,000 USD version recently, and have been very pleased with performance. It is only a little slow when I have about six “heavy” applications open at once. IF you want to do any sort of media though—definitely get the Pro. I played around with Adobe Lightroom and such on the MacBook, and while it was usable, I wouldn’t want to use it as a full time media machine. I’m guessing the CPU cache and video card are primarily to blame—I also only have 1GB of RAM, which could be a big factor.

For writing though, Pro is overkill by about 1,000 USD. :slight_smile:

The Best Buy in my area also carries Mac products. Again, like CompUSA, not as much variety as a dedicated Mac store or an Apple store, but the basic options will be there. If you want a monster tower, you’ll probably have to order online or find a dedicated Mac store.

As for Macbook or Macbook pro. For me, it has boiled down to this. Macbook might hurt my hands with its sharp edges(so reviews say), and a 13.3 screen. I do not know if I would like that or not. Macbook pro, they say it gets really hot, and its so expensive. This will be my first laptop too. So I want to try to make the best overall decision possible. I don’t know, me and my buddy plan on hitting a Mac store to test play. Until then, just saving at the moment.

Oh, also, is there a big difference in battery life between the two for writing?

Thanks for pointing out CompUSA and Bestbuy, I will check out my local ones and their websites as well.

I just purchased my first Mac, I was using Scrivener on my s/o’s Mini. I spent a long time deciding between the MB and the MBP. I could have gone with either, but being a musician and visual artist as well - I chose the MBP. The main factors were:

  • Wider screen/More Space - While I usually run just a few apps, I liked the space MPB screens provided.
  • Speed - I’m going to be paying for the computer for a couple of years, so I want something that will be good two years from now too.

It took many trips to the Apple store and many feature comparisons to decide. I would recommend the same for you. It’s not an easy decision. Apple’s evil pricing scheme makes it marginally more expensive for a better machine… A maxed out MB is just a little less than a MBP.

The sharp edges thing does exist, but it rarely bothers me. Perhaps I have smaller hands than most reviewers…or I type with my palms up off the resting area like a good typist should. :slight_smile: I notice it most when using the mouse.

CompUSA closed many stores this spring and is not in great financial shape. If you buy from them, make sure you get the APPLE extended warranty, as getting CompUSA to honor theirs may be problematic.