I must have completely misunderstood

Once upon a time, a woman is writing a mysterious novel about the dangerous poetry of misunderstandings.

Falling into the pages of her own mystery, she finds that the juxtaposition of words can blend together,perilously, and that periods don’t always stop anything, although she realizes they are meant to.

All the best,


I suspect there’s a disconnect happening here. As far as I can tell, Jaysen is being a little silly and actually rather nice for your benefit, by suggesting that he and vic-k fill up the Tips thread on the forum with nonsense in order to encourage David to set up an official Scrivener Tips page on the Literature and Latte site.

Yes, they are being friendly. They call themselves the +3, have a fetish for pirates, gangplanks, fluffy cats and one-legged dogs and are generally a little odd but mostly harmless (like Earth, recently upgraded from “harmless”). :slight_smile:

I think they’d both be mortified if they thought they had offended you, don’t worry.

All the best,

P.S. I’m moving this to the general discussion area of the forum as it’s not directly related to Scrivener.


I appologize for any offense I or Vic may have commtted. As KB and jebni have suggested Vic and I were trying to help get an official tips page created.


Harmless? Have you ever had a 3 legged dog (Vic-k) that is dressed as a poor copy of Captain Jack Sparrow and who has been hitting the Absinthe try to make you walk the plank? (shiver) just the sound of that little wooden leg scraping on the gangplank will make your tummy gurgle. Add a headless pirate (Jaysen) who manages to talk with no head (Did I mention he was headless?) and always manages to get the little scrappy wooden leg dog a barking?



Aisling steer clear of those two or they will suck you into their tales of pillaging and rampant verbal behavior. This will lead to PROCRASTINATION something they are always partaking in and it will suck you in so deep you will find yourself partaking in 3 word forum stories and tales of pranks and mockery! The gall! (gasp)

On a serious note, those guys are just a “funnin” and if they single you out for their pranks and mischief it means they have takin’ a shine to you (that is a compliment).

That or you have access to free beer and a nice bread maker…


Hi all,

Thank you for your translations.

Auspicious translations are fecund.



Aisling aka Laurel

To the Masters of Drivel…I mean Revels.

Sometimes you lot get a mite too boisterous.
Please take these tall caps ▲ ▲ ▲
And go sit in a corner for a while.

Hmmm…enjoying a little schadenfreude here.


A pirate dog with a wooden leg, a pigeon drunk on shine, and a headless Pirate that speaks Unix walk into a bar …

The pigeon sits on the dog and …

Starts barking into the absinthe…

while the dog coos at a b=passing barmaid. The headless pirate …

asks the bar maid if she is r-rw-x or do her permissions need to be “adjusted”. At the same time the dog…

(Set the mood)

let’s out a ferocious “MEOW”. This sets the pigeon to …

expelling large quantites of putrid green gas clouds and a free subscription to the new Tiger Woods “Cheetah Calendar”. In other News Jaysen is still trying to determine if the bar maid has “write access” while…

AmberV attepmt to use hazel to relocate the pigeon. The barmaid, who is as befuddled as a barmaid can be fuddled, finally replies …

echo “Hello World” as KB breezes through the bar and recodes the bar stools link to facebook, meanwhile pink…

And her flamingos depart for places warmer. Under the table fluff-k decides …

to have a moral debate with all his personalities while druid …

laments that he uses the RSS feed to read posts. GR grabs …