I need a hero!

Hi and thanks for taking the time to read my cry for help.
I am working on editing/formatting my dads autobiography, which is a rather lengthy autobiography including quite a few images (photos of memorabilia that I took with my phone)
First we built the book in word, and it looked good as a PDF, but when we uploaded it to ebook, the formatting fell apart and it looked terrible.
After some research I decided to reformat the entire book in Scrivener. I have now split every chapter, and inserted the images into the editor (not linked, I inserted the images). I resized them all to around 300 wide. That took me about 5 hours. I then compiled the book into an epub to see how it looks, and it still isn’t right!

These are the issues I need to fix:
-The contents page only shows a link to the first section (Dedication), why doesn’t it show the rest of them?

  • I wanted to fit a few images to a page, but they ended up being 1 image per page. Do I need to make them smaller?
  • I had captioned a lot of the images, but for some reason the caption is pushed onto the next page.
  • The font is huge, so large that some of the chapter titles take up an entire page. Is there a way of reformatting all of the chapter titles to a smaller font, or do I need to go through them all one by one?

I wanted to attach a copy of the epub so you can see for yourself what my issues are, but it won’t let me upload an epub file here. I’d be happy to email it to someone if you’re able to help. I am a novice and not familiar with the technical lingo, so any answers in layman’s terms would be hugely appreciated.

Thank you in advance for any help!!


I don’t post here often, but I’ve been using Scrivener for a very long time (around the time of the first Mac release). I may be able to help with some of this.
I’m not sure how to make the images appear four per page, or if that is possible. You may want to read about tables in the manual which can be accessed by selecting Help and then Scrivener Manual.

However, I’m guessing the missing chapters are not selected in the compile box. If this is the case it’s an easy fix, just select the box the arrow is pointing to on the graphic.

Also, I know this is super basic, but are the missing chapters in the draft folder?

Good luck!


Thanks so much for getting back to me Alison.
I guess all the chapters are in the Draft folder, including the one chapter that does appear in the contents page. I’ve attached an image of how I have it currently set up and how it looks when I compile, all the chapters are selected but still when I compile, the contents page only shows the 1st chapter ‘Dedication’. The other chapters are still present in the compiled epub file, they just don’t show in the contents list… :open_mouth: :question:

Concerning the four images per page, that’s probably a mess you should avoid (In the last book that I did with images, they were problematic).

Here’s how I’d solve that: Make a single image that includes the four images as well as their captions. Then add that to the page. Like this: