I need a Scrivner/One Drive techie in Denver Colorado!

Hi all!

I’m throwing a Hail Mary!

I need a Scrivener/writing friend in Denver!

I’m well on my way using Scrivener for my first novel but not entirely sure my work is being saved in the best way. I have it going to One drive, then read posts on here that almost had me crying! I don’t want to lose everything!

Plus, I want my desktop to be setup in a more user-friendly way.

My kids are grown and gone so my last free in-house tech support is living in NYC doing his master’s at Julliard.
Anybody out there that can help me? I’m in Littleton. I’ll buy beer or dinner for your support!

Thanks! Pam

I’m not from there, but if you have specific doubts about Scrivener you can always use the forum!
Also, a new app from the creators of Scrivener is coming, one that will be simpler and more user-friendly, so you can look forward to that :blush:
sorry I can’t be of more help :pray:

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