I need advice on upgrade


I’m using Scrivener on MacbookPro 15 inch purchased in March 2009. I’m currently running Leopard and I have not upgraded to Snow Leopard yet.

I am currently using Scrivener version 1.51 to write my novel.

I am happy with version 1.51 and I do not see anything in version 1.52 that I wanted.

Should I upgrade my copy of Scrivener to 1.53? I wanted stability so I have not upgrade my copy of Scrivener. Do you have any advice you can give me?

Thank you

Steven Siew

I would definitely recommend updating to 1.53, as it fixes bugs present in 1.51. On the other hand, 1.54 will be out in the next few weeks, which fixes some bugs in 1.53, so you may wish to wait for that. Other than the bug fixes and some minor new features, you shouldn’t notice much difference, though, so updating will not affect your work in progress in any negative way.
All the best,

Don’t forget that this upgrade is free.