I need "an mdimporter". . .??

Hi, Keith,

I’d like to be able to find my Scrivener files using Leap (for tagging), and three Scrivener projects showed up but not the others. I posted a query at the Leap Forum and got the following advice to ask you for an mdimporter. The details follow:

“For whatever reason, in Leap and Spotlight, files with a dynamically assigned UTI (dyn.xxxxxxxx,etc.) don’t always work as expected. I’m not saying they never do, just that they sporadically don’t for whatever reasons. I don’t know much about Scrivener or it’s file formats (though I love the sexy Corkboard action!) but you might want to contact Scrivener’s developer about an mdimporter for the files. At the least this would give you a static UTI and more facility with Spotlight.”

If this makes sense to you, and you just happen to have an mdimporter lying around that you can send me, can you also give me a quick explanation about what to do with it? If there’s no such thing (as an mdimporter close at hand on your tool shelf or of a quick explantion), I’m sure that I can live happily with Smart Folders, which seem to find everything Scrivener without a problem.


Hi Linn,

An mdimporter is just a Spotlight plugin. Applications need to have one of these built in in order for Spotlight to find the contents of the file. Scrivener already has one built into it, which allows you to search in Spotlight for text that appears in a Scrivener project.

I’m not really sure how this helps you in any way, though…

All the best,

Dear Keith,
Thanks for your reply. I don’t know how/if it helps, either, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed. L