I need help!!!


is there a way to quickly move from one document to another in full screen mode ?

Keyboard shortcuts do not work and the only way I found is to quit the full screen mode or ctrl + g and navigate in the mini-browser, which is very inconvenient.

When I write, I like to never use my mouse and couldn’t find a way to do it in Scrivener.

Thanks for your help.

EDIT : I found a navigation menu at the bottom of the screen. It helps a lot, but it would be great to use shortcuts.

I only have access to the version 3 beta, so your menu and/or shortcuts may be different.

Under the Navigate->Go To menu, there’s a “Next Document” item with the shortcut keys shown next to that menu item; “Alt-Shift-Down”. When I use that combination in the composition mode (“full screen” in v1), it goes to the next document in the binder.

Hopefully, that keyboard shortcut, or one associated with a similar menu item in your version will work.