I need Scrivener 2.6 for Mac OS X Lion

Posting after long hours of research on the difference between versions of this application as well as the respective system requirements. I decided in favour of Scrivener 2.6 because I like its UI more. I know that some later versions were supporting Lion too, however, there’s only the newest one on MAS and it’s not compatible with Lion.
Also, from what I learned reading older posts on this forum, there were numerous activation issues mostly due to having to deal with the assisting eSellerate framework components. Now, adding to this fact is another one, that is, that eSellerate went through some sort of re-branding and as of this day has effectively shut down its activation servers, the link: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/145775-esellerate-shutting-down-their-servers/. Scrivener 2 most likely would try to establish a connection with them.
Question: can I still have Scrivener 2.6 installed and how do I conduct the entire purchase process?

I’m sorry, but we are no longer able to issue licenses for Scrivener 2.6, as the license vendor for that version no longer exists.