I need succinct instruction on syncing between Mac and iPad

I an new to the Apple world and much is strange to me. But Scrivener was a program that I desired to use both at home and on the road. My only answer was to embrace Apple. This has not been easy. Especially as it seems there is now a great difference between the iPadOS and iOS. Not to mention macOS! Yuck! It’s like trying to get three different versions os Windows to work together. Haha. My problem is this. I cannot find direct succinct instructions on how to set up sync between my Mac (BigSur) and my iPad 9th gen. (2021). If someone has an answer I would be more than grateful.

Our detailed configuration guide is here:

It’s not terribly succinct, though, since it covers pretty much everything that might go wrong. For a quicker version, have a look at the section on Syncing in the iOS Scrivener Tutorial project.

Or, you could watch this video from Scrivener’s official YouTube channel. it shows the process step-by-step.