I need to do something quite simple

Which is put my title on the top right hand of every page with a page number. I cannot figure out how to do this to save my life. Can someone please tell me how I can do this?

In the Page Settings compile option pane you’ll find six fields, one for left, middle and top for header and footer. So to put a page number counter in the top right you would use that top right box. The token for that is “<$p>”. This obviously only works for formats that support headers and footers. So RTF and so on are fine.

There is not a Page Settings option in the Compile pane for the Kindle version. So - when I publish my book on Amazon Kindle version how do I create a headers for my name on left hand page and book title on right hand page?



Ah, there are no page numbers in the Kindle, that’s why, nor is there any control over the software header or footer area. Those are applied by the Kindle device or software automatically and cannot be altered by the book. Kindles use “location” for marking progress in a book rather than “page”, since the concept of a page is fluid. One reader might be using the largest font, and thus have small pages, and another reader the smallest font and larger pages, so it would be impossible for them to compare notes using page numbers. Locations are static markers in the text (roughly every ten words I think), and so it doesn’t matter what size the Kindle display is running at, or what font or font size is being used. Amazon is gradually rolling out a “page number” system, but it is based purely upon calculation in comparison with the published paper version of the book, so a Kindle reader could participate more easily in a book club for instance, but this system has limits as well since each publication of a book will almost certainly have different page counts and it also gets a little weird if your font is big as you might be on “Page 5” for ten virtual page flips. At any rate, that isn’t something you can do. Amazon has to do that to your book and it uses a patented algorithm to do so.