I purchased an upgrade to S3 from my S2.7 and dmg won't open on double-click

I downloaded it according to instructions, it shows in the download folder, but it won’t open, not when I double click or not when I click “open.” What is wrong? How do I fix this?

There would typically be some sort of error message accompanying a failure to open the DMG—but whether you are getting one or not, I would try rebooting the computer. Disk images are somewhat complicated and it is not terribly unusual for the whole mechanism behind those to get a bit messed up on a Mac while it is running.

If you can’t get it open at all, then try downloading this zip file. Some browsers may decompress that automatically, otherwise double-click the .zip to decompress it. Either way you’ll end up with “Scrivener.app” in your Downloads folder. Drag it to Applications to install it.