I really want to love Scrivener 3!

So somewhere between the last RC and the release of Scrivener 3 (congratulations again!) I let my install expire.

I know this has been asked before. What now happens with projects worked on in the beta? I only have one, converted from S1, but worked on just barely, not enough for me to experience S3, as I avoided doing anything with it outside my semi-rusty S1 experience, figuring I’d wait for S3 for real. Well the wait is ova!

But if I decide not to upgrade at this time, which would also be a decision to forego those things I find most appealing in S’s document mashup model, what happens if the trial expires? Can I at least read and do a straight export of the otherwise frozen project, etc?

I might try it with a new project, but would like to know what to anticipate if I decide to not commit to the platform at this time.

Thank you! I really want to love Scrivener 3!

You can install the 1 month trial of Scrivener 3. Just download it and install it in another directory from the one you are running Scrivener 1 from.

The alternative is to bite the bullet, make sure you have a manual backup in a safe place and upgrade your Scrivener 1 version to Ver 3, which is what I did. In this case though you will (I think) need to reinstall Ver 1 if you ever want to use it.

Hope this helps.


The trial runs for 30 days of actual use. If you aren’t using Scrivener, the clock doesn’t run.


Thank you! Yes! 30 days of actual use. I had forgotten that’s how L&L did it. That changes the whole equation! :slight_smile:

Also remember that if you decide to not move to v3 at this time, the 3.0 trial now includes the ability to export your project in v1 format – so you can always stick with 1.9.16 if that’s what you feel more comfortable with. This was an ability that was not present in the 3.0 beta versions.