i see ghost notes (phantoms of the scappla)


thanks for the great scapple.

discovered a quirk which is readily recreated. sometimes dragging a note to the top of the screen and dropping it there, creates two of the same note. one of the notes is in the drop position. the other is a phantom of the original note outlined in blue at the original location.

recreate this effect by:
-create a new scrapple map and go full screen.
-just above the initial instruction in the middle of the screen, create a short note.
-control+zoom the screen larger until a scroll bar appears on the right of the screen. your original note grows larger. zoom until the scroll bar is, lets say, about half the height of your screen.
-click and drag your note to the top of the screen so that auto-scroll kicks in and the screen scrolls up.
-when you reach the top limit of the screen and auto scroll stops, drop your note and…
-viola! there are two notes on the screen. the real one at the top and a blue phantom at the original location.

the blue phantom disappears fully or partially when something else overlays it. for instance, select it and poof its gone. minor display glitch.

thanks for new scapple.

Thanks very much for steps to reproduce this. I’ve got it on the bug list.