I see Red....

I updated to the most recent version of Scrivener the other day. I keep the software open for days at a time, but last night I closed it down so I could back up all the files. When I launched today, suddenly it thinks everything I type should be in red. No matter what I do, I can’t get it to default back to black. Why is it doing that? More importantly, how can I make it stop! lol. Reading red type is obnoxious. So is having to change it all back to black when I’m done.

Thoughts, ideas, suggestions?

You have turned revision mode on, which you can only do by deliberately picking one of the revision colours from the Format > Revision Mode menu - were you perhaps experimenting, trying out the different menu items at some point? To turn it off, just select “None” from that menu.

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OMG lol! Yes, that was it. I didn’t even know it would do that. I was indeed experimenting, but more with trying to label the index cards with draft versions. I must have wandered over there and thought I was coloring the card. :blush:

Hmm, seems an interesting way to watch my revisions though. I might actually use it now that I know it’s there lol.


Glad that helped (and you’re not the first to turn it on while experimenting, don’t worry :slight_smile: ).
Thanks for updating to 2.0, by the way.
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