I sound like a broken record, I know...

Forgive me, but every morning I bless the ground you walk on, Keith, and this morning I had to drop by in person to do it again.

I write very complicated little novels and I have a very tired little brain that is no longer up to them; ergo I have usually worked in a state of anxious confusion trying to get them out on paper and then immediately losing track of where I am, what I’m doing, what I’ve written, where I saw that piece of research, where I have left the last of my many ongoing teacups…you get the picture. Agony.


Yet again this morning I am near tears of relief at how EASILY Scrivener manages on an ongoing basis to descramble my brain and defragment my drive. I no longer repeat scenes four or five times. I can instantly find that obscure article. I can do a word search and see how many times I’ve used the word “glistening” in this particular chapter, in the whole manuscript!!

I am about 120,000 words down with maybe another 15 or 20K to go on this first draft and I am NOT a raving lunatic. I haven’t thrown a knife at my husband in weeks! The dog is still speaking to me and the kids have cancelled the motion to commit at the local loony bin.

I bow in utmost gratitude at your feet.

With love,

P.S. I still can’t find the teacup(s) though. :cry: Could you look into that for the next upgrade?


You may want to tell the kids to keep an open line on the commit. At least until the dog stops talking to you. Unless you have managed to keep your unique pooch from the media…


Thanks again, Zoe! Great to hear about the progress on the current novel (and Jaysen beat me to it on the talking dog…).

All the best,

Mere d` Lucifer!! Vous femelle folle!!! :open_mouth: What eez all thees love and adoration you squander on a mere software developer!!? He is after all only a pedagogue-ish male, whereas, I on the other hand, am Wicked!! Grrrr :smiling_imp:

Le D :smiling_imp:


So many men, so little time… :smiling_imp:

Tell me about it!! Life`s a bitch…init!! :frowning: