I still can't figure this target thing out.

On my old version of Scrivener, the document target at the bottom right of the page would stay red, then turn green after you met your word count. Now nothing happens. The line is always green, and the target always stays gray, no matter if I exceed the word count or not. It’s a small thing, but it’s driving me batty.
Is this a bug or was it just changed for this version?


You might need to adjust your colour preferences to what you prefer. These can be found in the Appearance preference pane, at the bottom of the tree list, “Target Progress Bars”. You can set the star, end, and midway colours which will be used to blend between them as you type. Another option you can play with, that I like myself, is disabling “Target progress bars use smooth transition between colours”. Instead of gradually changing colour, they will “snap” from one preference to the next, so it is really easy to spot when you hit the goal. Also note you can enable Growl. If you have that installed, this will pop up messages when you reach the goal, and conversely, when you dip back under. So it is useful for both working upward and then editing back downward.

Thank you, AmberV!

This helps immensely. I appreciate it. I was really missing my little “green” light! :slight_smile: