I think I've written a novel of the right length, but worry that the word count will put off agents

not to sound like an ad here, but Scrivener makes it easy to refer to earlier drafts. so that helps.

excellent. you didn,t sound like you were happy or confident yet.
but… don,t forget at some point to release it into the wild – where it might live or might not – so you can start working on your next great project. i wouldn,t do more than this one more pass without getting feedback on the book from someone you trust to know what they,re talking about and to be honest with you.

What Ahab said. :slight_smile:

I’ve personally found that the line by line results in exactly what Ahab described. Heck, even eliminating pleonasms could easily shave a few hundred or more words. If I read correctly, you’re about to start a third draft. Again, in my experience, start worrying about your word count after your fifth, or may eighth draft. Every single draft will most likely result in a net word count reduction.

Good luck!

@Floss: thanks for the good words! I don’t anticipate that I will write anything as good (at least in terms of fiction) as good as this.

as far as feedback, I already got that after writing my first draft. I hope I don’t have any typos or plot inconsistencies but I will have someone look over the MS to find those. my story, characters and structure work. at this stage I only have to make extra-certain not to bore my readers.

@GeekTells: fifth draft. and, oh, yes, pleonasms! love that word. I knew it but hadn’t heard anyone ever use it! trust me, I know to avoid pleonasms!

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