I think Scrivener is the best program I have found

Hi Keith,

I find Scrivener to be amazing, intuitive and friendly.
It is taking me far longer to grasp all the wonders of Scrivener than I wished.
But that is my fault, not the fault of Scrivener.

So much of the land of the internet and its applications remains a mystery to me.
I am learning, and look forward to learning more.

I would unreservedly recommend Scrivener to anyone and for anything.
And Keith, I find you patient, generous, wizardly and kind.



Hi Aisling,

Many thanks for the kind words! I’m glad you are liking Scrivener. David is working hard to get more and more video tutorials up on the videos page, so I hope that we will slowly be able to make it easier to grasp the various different aspects of Scrivener for new users.

I’ve never been called “wizardly” before!* I like it. I may very well annoy the hell out of my better half today by walking around with a puffed-up chest thinking of myself as “wizardly”. Cool.

Thanks again!

All the best,

  • Of course, many would debate “kind” and “generous”, too, but I ask those persons to keep their thoughts to themselves. :slight_smile: