I thought I'd stop lurking...

…Not as a new year resolution or anything, just that I’ve been a Scriv devotee for a year or so, delivered a lot of projects in it and only in the last month discovered that this forum appears to be populated with people talking about the same stuff I’m interested in!

I appreciate this is old news for most of you, but having not participated in a forum for a few years now it’s exciting to find one that seems to be pretty free of flame-wars.

Anyhoo - hello everyone. Thanks, Keith - for Scrivener, it really is an extraordinary thing - looking forward to getting to know you all :slight_smile:


Hi Neil,

Welcome aboard and happy New Year. One of the things I have most loved about working on Scrivener is, as you point out, the fact that a forum has developed that is utterly free of flaming and contains a lot of intelligent (as well as silly - I’m looking at you vic-k :smiley: ) discussion.

All the best,

Let’s talk about cellular phones!


Oh we had a great big banter over whether or not the iPhone and other cell phones are bringing ruin upon society, a while back. :wink:


[size=59]cheese-puff pedagogic grump!![/size]

Aw, you know I’m only joking, vik-k - happy New Year to you. :slight_smile:

the same t you Capn and First Officer Amber :laughing:

And of course `it goes without saying, A Happy New Year to you Neil, and Welcome aboard Scrivener :laughing:

Likewise, vic-k!

awwwwwww… i feel at home already :slight_smile: