I try to open a file & it goes to the "New Project" menu

Basically what thread title says.

I go to one of my files, click on it, and instead of the project opening, it goes to the “New Project” menu. From there I have tried clicking “Open an Existing Project,” but when I click on the project’s name, nothing happens.

Is this a project that you’ve been storing in Dropbox or other sync service? Usually when this happens it’s because there are conflicted files within the project because of a sync glitch, and Scrivener can’t open the project.

I’d make a backup of the whole project (right-click the .scriv folder and choose “Send to \ Compressed (zipped) folder”) and then in the file browser, go through the folder to see if there are duplicates or “conflicted” files or such (the terminology will differ depending on the service) and remove those from the folder. Don’t trash them, just move them from the project folder to some temporary folder so you can take a look at them later in case there’s anything there you want.

Once you’ve sorted through that, try opening again in Scrivener.