I typed ˂$p˃ in Scrivener compiler, but am not getting any page numbers, just ˂$p˃

I’m trying to compile a chapter in Scrivener, and include page humbers. I put the ˂$p˃ in the header at what I believe is the appropriate place, but the result just prints “˂$p˃” in the upper right hand corner. Can anyone help me? Thank you so much!

What are you compiling to? It seems to only work for files like eBooks and PDF

It only works for exports that have pages. eBooks do not.

Details. Show us your Header/Footer settings in a screenshot.

Are you sure you are using the proper characters < and >? In your posting you are not.

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[quote=“suavito, post:5, topic:124409, full:true”]
Are you sure you are using the proper characters < and >? In your posting you are not.
Good point!

Padding to twenty characters.

Thanks. Here’s a screenshot:

Good question about proper characters. I got them from the Character Map in Windows.

Update: after looking more closely at the screenshot, I think you do have the wrong characters.

Getting a character from Character Map (CM) doesn’t mean it’s the right character from CM. The screenshot doesn’t seem to indicate a problem, but it’s impossible to be sure, there are so many similar characters. What you put in your original post really was the wrong character. I think the best thing in this case is not to use CM. < and > are on the keyboard, or you can copy them from here.

Also, I didn’t realize you were using an obsolete Scrivener version, which I’m not particularly interested in debugging.

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Thank you so much for your help. I will try the characters in your post.
And I did not realize there were newer versions of Scrivener. I will upgrade today.

You were right about me using the wrong characters. The characters in your post were correct. Thank you.

Good. The transition to Scrivener 3 is nontrivial, so you should expect it to take some time.