i uninstalled the earliest scrivener, now everything is gone

I had three entire copies of scrivener listed in Programs, each taking up 48 and more meg. So i uninstalled the earliest one, but unfortunately, evidently, with one swipe of the keyboard, it not only uninstalled ALL THREE versions but also uninstalled EVERYTHING i’ve written over the past year.

so i reinstalled latest version, which incidentally is due to expire in a few days, which means i will be reinstalling another version soon, and will again be hogging the hard drive with unwanted versions?

anyway, i have NO scrivener files anywhere to be found.

i am devastated. Is there ANY recourse?

The project files should be wherever you saved them…the menu gets wiped between upgrades, but unless you saved your projects in the Scrivener directory in Program Files, the projects should be there. Try doing a system search for anything ending in .scriv. (so search for “*.scriv”)