I waited to buy it today

And of course, I hit the MacOS license instead of the Windows.

With a two day delay.

I’m biting at the bit to do my stories, which I guess is fine since I work tomorrow but still! I’m so upset with myself. I asked them if I could switch, but I gotta wait.

I hit the X as fast as I could but I didn’t catch it in time. Bother. Don’t make important purchases half asleep, kids!

Edit: fast response! Got an email that they’re gonna refund me back and then I can get the right one! Props to the team, yo.

EDIT 2: At 9, I got the email that they were refunding me. At 4:13 pm, I got my email and refund from Paddle and am now the proud owner of Scrivener and all it’s beauty.

While I’m a fidgety person and anything longer than an hour for anything makes me antsy, in the grand scheme of things an answer AND refund within the same day is AMAZING for any company. I’ll be honest, most would’ve made me wait a whole day to get it back probably, or even to answer me before providing a refund, if any.

So yeah, full props to L&L, I’m really in love with the software.

(now…to go home from work and type my fingers to the quick!!)