I want a Glossary plugin thing...

I write a lot of stuff for technical manuals, and, often, I need to make a specific glossary for words that are industry specific. Currently, it is a PITA to make a glossary with Scrivener. (Unless I’m doing it wrong, please let me know.)

I want a plugin or feature that would allow me to highlight a word, click a little box that will open up a neato window and allow me to put in a definition for that word or phrase.

The little box will allow me to determine what glossary I want to put it in, so, say there is a glossary for one particular machine, I can group the words by the machine. Or, I can just have one big glossary for everything. My choosing.

Then, I click an OK button and the cool little definition will be placed in a file called
and automatically be alphabetized.

Then, secondary feature, I can do a “find” thing with the glossary that will find each time I use that word, and I can choose if I want to put a little note thing that will put a little window with the definition of the word when I hover. If I hover and click, the user or me will be taken to the actual glossary.

Or, I can just highlight the word and click another nifty button and the word will be highlighted and will link to the proper phrase that’s already entered in the glossary. If I highlight and click and it is not in the glossary, then I will be alerted that I need to enter that phrase into the glossary.

This would make my life a lot easier. Otherwise, I love Scrivener. :slight_smile:

PS. I am willing to pay extra for this functionality. I use it that much.

OK…I’ve found the “Keywords” functionality…is there a way to expand it so I can click into the keywords window and put a definition with the keyword?

And then if I could compile the keywords into one file in alphabetical order then I’d have a glossary.

Oh Gracious Programmers of Scrivener:

Please forgive me. I see there is already an easier way to make a glossary, which, had I used the search functionality for some different phrases, I could have found.


I am an oaf. May there be a shrine made in your honor.
bows low

Hi Heather,

Glad you found a way of doing what you wanted!

All the best,