i want new folder in selected folder

if i have a folder selected & then click the new folder button, i expect the new folder to be created inside the selected folder. it never is; it’s placed at the same level. new documents are created properly: inside the selected folder.

the way this is working for folders assumes i want all my folders at the same level, but that’s a poor assumption. i want folders where i try to create them, and having to move them may not be the biggest nuisance, but it’s still an unnecessary annoyance.


Unfortunately, many people prefer this behavior: they use folders for large divisions like Chapters, and want to be able to create a large chunk of their outline at once. We had to choose one behavior or the other; I’m sorry we didn’t choose your preference.

One alternative might be to create text documents, rather than folders, then use the Documents -> Convert to Folder command.


ahhh… I was wondering about this too; that explains it, thank you. :slight_smile: