I Want "Section Break" not "Section Break (Folders Only)"

I want a text section that breaks to a new page. However, it says “Folders Only,” and does not break to a new page.

How do I make it so that it’s a page break?

I found that this changed to "page break"without qualification when I changed default separators for text files to match those for folders (see attached screenshot.) There are probably other ways to achieve this, but this one worked to get rid of the “(folders only)” designation for all section layouts.

It might be well to note; Presumably changing the default break for Text docs will make them all page-break on compile (unless they are otherwise section-type-assigned). It is unclear whether this is what the OP wanted, however. He does not say.

yeah, that’s what it does, all right. So, if I want to have texts that are separated by anything else, I have to specify non-standard separators. This is fine with me because I don’t use folders, just text groups. Therefore, having things in my compile formats that are based on folder-osity is a Bad Idea.