I wanted to be the first this year to...

I wanted to be the first this year to make an unrealistic request regarding Scrivener so I’d like to propose a version for Symbian. Also, can we have it for Palm OS, WebOS, MeeGo or Maemo? Let’s not leave out personal computers. Why no love for MS-DOS, Windows 1 through 3.1, JavaOS or OS/2?

Scrivener 1 for Windows and 2 for Mac OSX aren’t cutting it anymore guys. Let’s cut v3 out of the picture entirely. We need Scrivener 4 with complete feature parity which will write our fiction and non-fiction works for us while we sit our butts and rake in all those big bucks.


You forgot the embedded CAD system, so that you can design your own sets and props for the movie adaptation. :slight_smile: (With 3-D printer compatibility, of course.)


And a smart CG module, so we can have a Compile setting to go straight to Feature Film.

Well if you’re going for completeness then you have to include RaspberryPi and the soon to be released MIPS Creator CI20. Would make ideal embedded Scrivener devices surely.

I hate you all. :smiley:

Happy New Year!

Yes, this should definitely be included also, but it should be a Preference option.

I’m not quite sure how to manage the semi-autonomous robot to fetch the author’s beverage of choice, but I’m sure a clever programmer can assemble one using standard libraries without too much difficulty. :smiling_imp:


This could mean the feasibility for having a Kitchen Sink, come to think of it. Or at least a wireframe of one, which is just as well if you are using a 3D printer (and preferably that one[size=80][1][/size]).


  1. O! But if it were any other chocolatier than such a purveyor of plastic!

I think you mean, “…if it were a chocolatier [rather] than such a purveyor of plastic!”
(but, other than that, YES)

This issue has been thoroughly discussed on the forums and KB has made it clear that Scrivener is only going to fetch Keith’s beverage of choice (hearse of beer).

As I recall scrivener 4 is supposed to feature a remote-control zip-line pulley system to transport snacks from the kitchen to your desk.

The problem with planning too far out, is the technology can outpace the design. No, I think the zipline will be replaced by a remote-control hoverboard.

I’ve heard it both ways.

Hey . . . you left out Newton!

Press are covering the release of RaspberryPi 2 today with the news it will be capable of running Windows 10!!! An embedded Scrivener not such a stupid idea after all! GDAR.

Well, if the next Scrivener doesn’t run on a smartwatch, I’m not upgrading.

And Google Glass, obviously, when it is reborn as Google Contacts.

Commodore 64