I will admit it, the way simplenote works

drive me up the wall, when I have SEVERAL projects.

Solution, (until scriv for Ipad comes out)… Elements. It is a nested file system.

Yup, problem solved, I can keep all my files on a single project in a single nested file. Oh and yes, I tried notebooks, but could not make it work.

Anyhow, a little markdown, txt export, err sync… walla.


Well, Simplenote can be tamed on the iOS side with its tag browser. Scrivener sets the note tags for each exported piece to “Scrivener” and your project keyword. So by browsing to that keyword and filtering your view of the list to it, you can more easily work with large, multi-project lists of notes.

In general though, I think the folder system works best for actually working with the content of a project. Simplenote is generally better for, well, notes. :slight_smile:

There is a reason why at this time I am using notebooks, across all platforms.

I guess will have to wait until scriv well, quite frankly, comes to the IOS platform. Until then, Notebooks is what it is since they are beta testing on all platforms I use.

You should use the tools that suit the way you work, absolutely. Not sure how your moving to another tool is relevant to these forums, though, as it can obviously have no effect on our development process… :slight_smile: Anyway, thanks for your support of Scriv in the past, and good luck with your new tools for the future. Maybe see you back here later in the year.

All the best,