I wish for slightly different rtf output (real technical!)


I use Sente to process my output from Scrivener, and it appears that while Scrivener outputs correct rtf code, it confuses Sente. If Lit&Lat could make a very small change, I suspect that this would solve the problem.

The problem is that if there is exactly one paragraph in a sentence, and if the sentence ends with a Sente reference, and if you are using braces (curly brackets) as a reference delimiter, then Scrivener puts the bookmark end code inside the Sente reference, which confuses Sente.

My text in Scrivener looks like:

The output from this looks like:

The complete time scale of the history of earth can be found in many publications (e.g., \{*WikipediaGST; Gradstein 2004{\*\bkmkend Sidebar_Geological_time_scale-1}\}). \

However, if I add a second paragraph to the section, then the Scrivener compiled output looks like:

The complete time scale of the history of earth can be found in many publications (e.g., \{*WikipediaGST; Gradstein 2004\}). {\*\bkmkend Sidebar_Geological_time_scale-1}\
Second paragraph. \

Note that in the first case the bookmark end is inside the curly brackets, but in the second case it is outside.

I know that Lit&Lat is probably reluctant to make changes to solve a bug in someone else’s code, but this seems like a simple request, that should be easy and unlikely to cause further ramifications.



PS–Sente has 4 options for delimiters: braces, dash-braces, parentheses, and square brackets. The problem shows up for at least the first two delimiters, and the other two are not available to me because I use those characters in the text.


The problem is that Scrivener is currently trimming any non-alphanumeric text from around the bookmark range, so it is excluding that closing brace and period. I have fixed the code for the next update so that it now only trims whitespace from around the bookmark, which addresses this issue.

Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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Thank you for pointing to this wonderful resource (The Timetree of Life) alanterra. :slight_smile:

I love these forums—fast response from the parties in charge, and nice banter with the hoi polloi.