I wish I could... (For 2.0)

Pay MORE than just $20.00 for the 2.0 upgrade (I know I am just crazy like that)


I wish there was a Pay Pal DONATE button on the website easily found so I could supply Keith with monetary funds to keep him in an endless supply of Beer and Cheese puffs.


I was a hot female so I could coerce KB into letting me have his babies.

What would you do for 2.0?


Although I bought scrivener a few months ago, and I was laid off from my job recently. I will still pay the upgrade. It took me well over a year putting aside money each week to save up for a Macbook so I could use Scrivener. Although I could dearly use that money now, I have no regrets. I went all in, and I will not be stopped by 20 more bucks. Even if I have to skip eating for a week to afford it, so be it. It’ll be worth it!

“Wonders if Keith takes food stamps…?” :laughing:

P.S. On the plus side, I have had tons of time to write!