I wish there were a method to set global styles

Please forgive me if I have missed something here;
Having come from MS Word, I am really missing the ability to set global styles, which will persist from one project to another.
Having to import styles from a previous project is rather clunky.


I know this is a bit clunky, but I’ve needed a new project with not only user-defined styles, but also custom metadata (including section types), keywords, bookmarks, templates, etc, so what I’ve done is saved a currently set up “perfect” project (ha!) with a new name and just stripped out what doesn’t apply to the new project entire folders at a time.

You can save the empty perfect project as a template, available with the other templates in the start screen.

True, but then I’d always wonder what new metadata/keywords/etc I added since I saved the template.

I assume templates can be edited, and then resaved as templates, but remembering to do so in the heat of the moment—well, if experience has taught me anything, it’s that “remembering” is not my strong suit.

Use the method L&L does: include text in an opening document, or in its synopsis, where you describe the template.

Thanks guys;
I think I’ll follow Charlson’s suggestion. I like that I will then have the opportunity to fully document what the ‘template’ document contains.