I wish

I wish that:-

In the editor there is an option to ‘fix’ the cursor at a mid-screen scroll point. Useful in meandering through large chunks of text, rather than the cursor being at the bottom line. :bulb:

Is “Typewriter Scrolling” not implemented on the Windows version yet? On the Mac, settable separately for main editor and full-screen editor, I believe.


You need the typewriter scrolling option.

  1. Go to Tools > Options.
  2. Select the Editor tab and you will see options for typewriter scrolling in editor and full screen.
  3. Select checkbox and click ok.

Oh thank you thank you thank you - I missed the implication of those typewriter settings …

did I say thank you … :mrgreen:

You’re very welcome. :mrgreen:

I wish…

I’d found Scrivener sooner!! Lol :laughing:

Great program.

I wish there was a way to select the actual color of the toolbars/menu bars/etc. You know, like how you can change the color of Word’ (2007 at least) theme to black or silver instead of that garish blue. I’d love to have the toolbars dark gray, almost black. It really saves the eyes at night which is when I do a lot of my writing.

The binder background color will be customizable, but there aren’t any plans at the moment for making colors of the toolbars and such customizable. Keep in mind though that you can hide a lot of these (toolbars, headers, footers, rulers, etc.), which may help you focus at night. (This will get even better once the Layout Manager is added in a future release, as you’ll be able to save preferred layouts and easily switch between them–so you might have your “distraction free” version with all toolbars hidden and then be able to just jump back to your regular view with a single click rather than having to toggle all the elements on separately.) You might also want to try the full screen mode if you’re just doing straight writing, since that will block out all the toolbars and you can set all the colors to something easy on the eyes.

For the option change cursor style. After searching through large amounts of text, I find it difficult to locate the thin cursor. (But then again, I’m an old man whose vision is not what it used to be.) Also, while I’m harping, I miss those minimize, reduce to bottom and “X” boxes found in most windows programs in the upper right hand corner. Saves a little bit of time than having to search through drop downs menus and at my age every second counts.


You can already change the cursor to a block one if you prefer.

Go to Tools > Options > Editor tab and tick use block insertion point checkbox.

These buttons are there in the top right of the Scrivener window, so I’m a little confused by this. Is the top of your window not visible on the screen, or are you looking for these options when in full screen? (You can see these in the image MrDithers posted.)

That in the poetry option, there be

a) a decent syllable counter for each line
b) templates for the various formal verses, sestina/villenelle/sonnet … etc

A few of the things VersePerfect2.0 tries to do…

You may be able to achieve this by using a dark windows theme. on win7 you can change themes. Google should find you some pre-made, too.