I would like to refund scrivener. How can i get the refund?

i ve just purchase this program today.
i once download trial version 2-3 years ago (since scriv on window still be old version)
that s time i dont like it enough so i stop use the trial.
however, yesterday i just heard about scriv window version 3. i think it s going to be cool
if i can use those function. so i decide to purchase it today. (i try to use trial for this new update but it said i cant cause it is expired)
sadly, after i bought it. i try and found that the program doesnt support Thai langauge which is my native language. i use Thai to write my draft. but not only word count function cant work but also the paragraph appear so weird. i cant set word goals cause it cant count my Thai words.
i want to explain more but i dont know how to explain it in English. so all i want is to refund this program. (i read on LL website it said i can get refund within 30 days after purchased but how? ) so i write this topic for ask any suggestion.


Best to contact Literature and Latte Sales staff directly on this. See Contact Us | Literature and Latte