I write RPG books

and the last one is about to go to bed… and the next project is now in the front burner

So it will be used to plan an equipment guide, as well as my biannual magazine… in fact the short story for the mag just started.

But the way the material is put together… is definitely ideal for RPG books which are composed of many snippets…

Of course it will also be used for the traditional, and ever so popular, short story and long forms.


And after readying Keith’s explanation on why not we will see revision in text, well here is what I do… go to fonts, and the text you insert use a different color. I like blue. With the snapshots it could work… and no development needed


Just curious but what do you create you maps in for your RPG books? I’m using Fractal Mapper 8 in Windows but would love to find a good Mac alternative.

Well these days I use paper and pencil, a scanner and corel painter X, as well as a graphics tablet. Yes, I do own FM 8 and CC3 but they don´t play well with Mac (under emulation) and I have no intention of loading Windows on this machine. If I did, it would be XP, (way too many Vista nightmares including CC 3 not playing well with VISTA)

Now you could use Dunjinni for that, and for home use the limitations are fine. (For commercial uses forget it). You also could get a CAD program, which CC 3 (and CC 2, which will NOT play well with Vista) essentially are.

In fact, in the near future I will write an article for the website regarding mapping and what these days I use. If you have access to FM8 and a Vista machine, that is a fine program, and Astro is way, WAAYYY too cool.

Happy writing

Hmmm sounds like you’re in the same boat as me, mate.

I’ve got FM8 and Astro on the XP partition of my macbook and in truth those apps are the only reason i’m dual booting. I’d love that extra 20GB back for Leopard. I totally hear you on Astro; it’s awesome and it’s making my space operas sooooo much easier to visualise and manage.

I looked at Dunjini but that always felt more like a game level editor than a mapper and I have an aversion to Java programs :slight_smile:

I never got into into CC; too complex and too expensive. AutoRealm is also pretty good but plans to port the code base to C++/wx widgets seems to have stalled. :frowning:

I’ll stick with FM i think but I must admit your old-school approach with paper and pencils is very tempting. Just wish i could actually draw…

I’m going to tag onto this, since it’s more RPG usage. I got Scrivener with an eye towards using it both for RPG work and for fiction; I wrote a case study of how I’m using it for the former here:

vestibule.innocence.com/2009/02/ … g-writing/

Interesting case study thanks for posting.

For Map design I use Illustrator. I used to use Freehand, but I’m sure other vector arts programmes would suffice. It’s what I used to use for Cartography and Street Atlas creation. Initially setting yourself up a colour swatch and portfolio of regularly used objects can be a real time saver.

What’s RPG?

You have just completely qualified yourself as not being a geek. :slight_smile:

Rocket Propelled Grenade?
Really Poor Graphics?
Royally Plastered Germaphobe?

Nah. Guess you must.

And I hate to say it, AmberV is right. A geek you are not.

RPG= Roly Poly Game, where the donut eating sofa dweller is transformed into a svelte athletic character on some Quest or other 8)

Rocket Propelled Garter? Really Pummeled Grapes? Just keeeding’… The last RPG I really played was Final Fantasy 7 on the ol’ PS1. When I wasn’t at work, I was holed up in my apartment playing that darned thing for like a whole year.

My friends had to drag me out of the apartment every now and then so I wouldn’t die of natural light and fresh air depravation…

I try to stay away from RPGs now… really games of all stripes, for that matter.

Well, I write RPG adventures in Scrivener and it’s almost perfect… Now I’m looking for a mapping solution that will maintain distances and stuff for me.

It would be really, really cool (hint hint) if Scrivener had a kind of “image map” functionality where I could place an image in a note and hotlink regions in that image to notes within the program. So, for instance, I could scan in a hand-drawn map of a city and then make each individual region (or building!) within that town a note that is linked back to the image.

I don’t have high hopes since this functionality doesn’t really line up with the main function of the program but boy would that be badass.

Well now that we have… DOWNGRADED the gaming machine to XP Pro Campaign Cartographer runs like silk on it.

That said, Using scriv after not using it for a while. Been using other writing software programs, on the lappie… (I WISH Apple made a really cheap laptop), but I digress. Right now starting the next novel, number four, for the Future Nexus World and still working on the next RPG (role Playing Game) book to update the world to 3505-7.

But I am also using an I-POD touch… bad back, don’t ask. So right now using scriv for the character background as I just start the next novel… and developing the character. I will probably copy and paste into the software that I can use on BOTH apple and windows (crossover)… that is the way it is, I guess.