iBook Export with Chapter Titles?

So today is the first time I’ve use the Export for iBook and I found an annoyingly lack of feature or I am hoping I missed the check box to easily handle this issue.

iBook Author seems to take the Title of the Word Document and place it as the Title of the Chapter. This would be wonderful, save Scrivener dose not take the Name of the Chapter (Folder) and place it as the Name of the file for that chapter, and therefore ignores the fact “Chapter 1” might be after the Foreword, Preface, etc.

Did I miss the setting that tells Scrivener I want the Word Documents to be titled with 01-FolderName?

Is there any workaround for this, saving moving those things, which come before chapter 1, to the end of your Text so they don’t interfere with Chapter 1 actually being name Chapter 1.

I really don’t want to do the cut and paste game to get the Chapters Titles right; but if that is the solution for now, then that is what I will have to do.


The trouble is that those files are going to end up in the Finder, so if they don’t end up using numbers, then when you drag them into iBook Export, they could well be in the wrong order. Any way you get work into iBooks Author is going to involve some degree of editing, I’m afraid.

How about putting the number before the title, “000-chaptername”. This give you the Numbering that is needed and the Titles. It would be far easier to delete four characters, while proofing, then it is to cut and paste titles for twenty chapters.