iBooks cover checkbox -- implications?

Looking at the Cover section of the Compile dialogue (for eBook), can anyone please explain:

  1. what exactly the ‘For reading in iBooks only’ checkbox actually does?
  2. why it should not be used if delivering via iTunes Producer?
  3. what the implications would be if I were to export an eBook with that box checked and then deliver it via iTunes Producer?

As for what it is used for, that is less clear in modern versions of iBooks. I don’t believe it’s necessary for modern versions of iBooks on either the Mac or devices, but if you’ve got an older version and cover graphics don’t show up properly on the “shelf”, then that checkbox will probably help.

  1. It creates a file called “iTunesArtwork” in the Images sub-folder of the ePub package. The thing that trips up most validators is that this file is not referenced in the manifest, which should list all files in the package and identify their purpose.
  2. Because it isn’t a valid ePub. :slight_smile:
  3. Your book would be rejected, last I saw, and the same would go for other ePub-based vendors that validate on upload.

Thanks for your reply AmberV.

Interestingly, however, my experience seems to contradict what you said about rejection of the file. When I first submitted my epub file to Apple I had overlooked the ‘don’t use this if you are submitting via iTunes Producer’ warning; I had the checkbox checked and submitted via iTunes Producer. The book was accepted and showed up just fine in the iBooks store. The ePub file passed the validator, too.

Then I came to make a couple of typo corrections and resubmit the book and I noticed the warning about combining the checkbox with iTunes Producer. So this time I’ve left if unchecked. But, since I ran into no apparent problems the first time around, I was curious, hence my question. I wondered if maybe the checkbox was causing some ‘behind the scenes’ problems that I was unaware of. Maybe there aren’t, at least not any more (ie. perhaps the warning is a hangover from earlier days of the iBooks Store).

Perhaps Apple’s publication division has finally received the memo from the engineering division. :slight_smile: I scanned through our archives, and it looks like people were getting rejected for having this thumbnail file as recently as last year. Hopefully that’s a thing of the past, but like I say we may not even need the option going forward anyway, as iBooks seems to correctly generate a cover now, like most other ePub readers do.