ibooks uthor doesn't recognize a iBooks Author compilation

I am working on creating an iBook version of a tutorial I finished in Scrivener and compiled the document for iBooks Author Chapters, but iBooks Author doesn’t recognizes the format and wants to open the iTunes Producer app instead. Is this format actually meant to create an iBook project that I can edit further in iBook Author?


iBooks Author export just exports your chapters as a bunch of .docx files into a folder. You then select all of those .docx files (not the folder) in the Finder and drag them into the source list of iBooks Author to import them. Given that the .ibooks format is private and iBooks Author can only import .doc, .docx and .pages files, this is the only way to do it.
Hope that helps!
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Wow! I was able to pull them in iBooks Author and everything turned out perfectly! I spent the last 3 days copy and pasting the text and images in iBooks Author from Scrivener and finished only 2 chapters. Now I did the rest of the 8 chapters in one second! I only need to adjust the layout here and there and insert the movies I made. Thanks!


Where exactly does one drag the chapters, Keith? Into the thumbnails area?

I just tried exporting a book project with 11 chapters (that’s to say, 11 main folders in the Draft), and it compiled, using the iBooks Authors Chapters format, as 55 docx files.

You just drag them into the blue “Book” source list (the thumbnails area, yes, I believe).