iCloud best practice?

Hey guys, I don’t think its really major but its something I wanted to ask all the same really.

What would be the best “recommended” way to use iCloud Drive for keeping Scrivener projects safe? Should you put a copy of the project file in iCloud and work from that? With the backup settings within Scrivener pointing to iCloud?

Or, should you work from the project file stored locally on your machine, and use iCloud soley for storing backup copies?

I would go for your 3rd option (only for backups… .zip compressed backups at that). That’s assuming you can make Scrivener point to it. I’ve discovered that there’s no file path to it the way there is to my “Movies” or “Music” folders, so navigating to it may be tricky for Scrivener.

I don’t know if iCloud Drive differs all that much from the previous version of iCloud, but if it’s too similar, then there’s a “good” chance that it will corrupt your project if you try to edit a project that’s in the iCloud Drive folder.

Yeah I had begun to think the third option might be the safest one.

I’ve noticed that when switching between my Mac Mini & Macbook Air, if I am working from my project file directly stored in iCloud Drive, it brings up an error claiming the document is still open. So, if I have been working on it on my Mac Mini, save and close it, then go back to it on the MB Air, it thinks its still open for some reason and warns there could be corruptions if I proceed…I’ve checked back on the Mini, and the document is certainly NOT still open.

I guess I’ll change how I work with it, just to be on the safe side and to avoid any potential corruptions or loss of data.

I wouldn’t even risk it for live projects if there isn’t an easy to see indicator of its activity. You really need to know when sync tools are done uploading/downloading changes, otherwise you’re opening yourself up for all kinds of conflict problems. But if you’re sure that all happened as it should have, that the project was completely transferred from one Mac to the other, then yeah I’d be worried about the fact that it did not remove the lock file that indicates when a project is open. If it isn’t removing that, it could cause other problems down the road.