ICloud Drive Blues

Ever since I switched to the Apple environment and started using their ICloud Drive, I’ve been having all kinds of problems which I never had when I was using Dropbox - the most common being disappearing saved files.

Now I have 2 new ones:

  1. I try to open a file and I get the message “Modifications aren’t in sync. Choose which version to keep”. The problem is there is only one version displayed with the note “Modified on Fernando’s Mac mini” (I have a Macbook Pro, a Mac Mini, an Ipad and an IPhone). When I check the box saying “keep one” the error message just keeps cycling with every return.

  2. I open a file and the file name shows up as being loaded and open in the “Window” dropdown list but the file does not display on the screen. I tried locating the file using “Spotlight” but the file is nowhere to be found even when the search is done on “all files”. Earlier, I thought I saw a message about “file recovered” but I cannot reproduce it.

I would appreciate any help blocating this lost file or avoiding this problem in all future projects.



I think there’s a simple answer … go back to using Dropbox. iCloud didn’t support package formats and couldn’t be used with Scrivener; iCloud Drive from your experience still doesn’t handle Scrivener packages* well, so go back to Dropbox or Cubby, which also works well with Scrivener.

• As you will have realised, on the PC your whatever-name.scriv was a folder, with a whole load of files inside, whereas on the Mac you apparently see a single ‘file’. It’s not a file, it’s just that the Mac puts the whole of what you saw on your PC inside a ‘package’ wrapper, that behaves like a file. If you control-click whatever-name.scriv on your Mac and choose “Show Package Contents”, you’ll see it’s the same as your PC structure, including the project.scrivx file that you used to click to open the project.

I only use iCloud Drive for files produced by Apple software … for everything else I use Dropbox or Cubby.


Mr X