iCloud Sync 2020

Hi - I recently acquired an iPad. Previously, I have gloriously used Scrivener between iMac and MacBook Pro, syncing between iCloud because I live in Apple Land. With Dropboxes reduction in services over the years, that offering has rendered itself useless to me. So, I am disheartened to find that the only way to sync, now, between iPad and other Mac computing devices is with Dropbox. I have requested the feature to be fixed via Apple, and I would ask that you, please, continue working on improving this feature.

What have you requested? That Apple reveal their API for iCloud to third party developers, to allow them to build their own syncing processes, or what? A more reliable iCloud sync that works as foolproof as Dropbox sync?

What reduction in services? Dropbox works just as well as it ever did and is rock solid. No reduction in services I can see.

Do you mean the 3 device limit? That is not a reduction in services, just a realisation that many people (myself included) were using them as a charity, with in my case 5 machines all on a free tier. They aren’t a charity and rely on paid customers to afford to give any free service, unlike Google, Apple who have $billions in other streams that allow them to suck us into their ecos with a ‘freebie’.

Guess we could say that those who do pay for Dropbox are being forced to pay for our free tier. And all some do is bitch they don’t get more for free.

Anyhoo, as Lunk has pointed out, the issue is not with L&L, but the cloud providers who’s ‘services’ don’t provide the necessary tools.