icloud Sync doesn't work


please excuse my bad englisch. I. habe bought the IOS Version and I have download the free version. On my Mac I saved a file xyz.scriv in my icloud. I can see the file on my mac, on my iPhone theier is no file, but a empty folder. Do you have any idea?

Thank you


You need to save the file into the Dropbox folder that your iPad is set up to use. Both iPad and Mac must use the same subfolder.

So, it is not possible to sync with icloud?

No, not only does sync’ing between iOS and MacOS have to be through Dropbox currently but keeping your active projects on iCloud is also strongly advised against. ICloud has a history of corrupting Scrivener projects. Go to the support advisory on the Literature and Latte website for advice on using cloud services.



Here is the Advisory that Mark refers to above. As you will read there (Sections 14 and 15 are especially relevant), and Mark indicates, some cloud services will not only fail to work with Scrivener, but will also risk corrupting your projects. iCloud is one of those. Fundamentally, the reason for this is that a Scrivener project is actually a folder containing hundreds, perhaps thousands, of files which, as you do your writing in Scrivener, are frequently updated; some cloud services cannot handle this. Even Dropbox, which can handle this, has required the developer to write thousands of lines of computer code to allow syncing to work properly. As you will understand, this has not proved practical for other cloud services.